Meeting Martin

You may not know the guy in black. You should definitely be knowing the guy in green.

Thinking Currying

Currying is a mathematical concept based on lambda calculus. It is a technique of operating on a function (taking multiple arguments) by splitting and capable of chaining into a series of single argument functions.

Missing MI !!!

We all know C# does not offer multiple inheritance but offers arguments that programmers can live without it.

finally and Return Values !!!

Let us read some code:- int SomeMethod() { int num = 1; try { num = 5; return num; } finally { num += 5; } } What is the return value of SomeMethod?

Type Safe Logger

Article co-authored with Sanjeev, and published on CodeProject PROBLEM Every application logs a whole bunch of diagnostic messages, primarily for (production) debugging, to the console or the standard error device or to files.