Pop OS and Zorin on ARM64

When Mac M1 was released, I did not have the same displeasure like many others. In fact, I was hopeful that the vast majority of the apps and tools will be ready for M1 in no time. So, I got myself an M1 with no hesitation. Took a little while but everything from brew to big fat applications were ready. All seemed fine until I came around to play with Parallels and those Linux distros.


A rundown of alternatives for degoogling based on recent conversations with friends and acquitances. There are alternatives that are user privacy friendly, and some of them free. Besides, do not get emotionally attached to a name. Brand names are not functionalities. Don’t hesistate to ditch a product/company in the case of foul play.

Now I'll have padding both ways

In my CSS tinkering endeavors, I can’t believe I was ignorant of the existence of the very properties that I have been longing for. I am delighted I finally found it.

Bloggi - Request for Updates

The quest for the simple blogging platform of my dreams continues. Tried this. Tried that. Stumbled upon Bloggi. It is simple, beautiful, content-centric and everything I could ask for. So, am I ready to move this blog to Bloggi?

Restricting sum type instance creation

With Scala sum types, you can establish type strictness. But can you restrict creation of instances of sum types? So that you can guarantee that the values they hold pertain to the types defined.

Scala on Discord

Scala community like others needs a platform for discussions and exchange thoughts and ideas. Above all, a platform where fellow programmers, old or new, can reach out for help and guidance, a platform for education and to breed and spread knowledge. Is Discord the right choice of platform? More importantly, is moving from Gitter to Discord the right choice?

Defining sum types across files

While Scala allows creating defining ADTs, unfortunately all the sum types and their associated definitions have to be defined in the same file as the sealed trait (ADT). This post discusses the situation of defining the sum type (companions) across multiple files.

Confluence Alternatives

Is Confluence your documentation / knowledge-management system? Are you sick of its shortcomings? Poor and non-standard rendering. Lack of markdown support. Weird and inconsistent handling of unicode. Do you still think Confluence is a boon for document writing? Just be aware that there are better alternatives.

Anorm Primer

A primer on Anorm to use the interesting parts - core and combinator functions, as opposed to the mundane way of reading the column from Row. The post highlights situations when you don’t have a predefined type for the parsed row, and you are dealing with discrete columns in the result set based on time and need.