The WD Anti-Propaganda Campaign !!!

Thanks to the internet. If nobody else bothers or understands what loss of data means, you can shout it aloud here. I lost 500GB of data – every moment of my personal and professional life captured in bits and bytes.

It is a Western Digital Premium Edition external hard disk (USB/Firewire). I bought it despite my friend warning of bad sectors and hardware issues that WD is known to have. As with any story, one fine morning, I was copying some songs, pictures from my pen drive to the hard disk. All of a sudden, the hard disk and my laptop hung up. I restarted the system thinking I would make fresh start. But to my dismay, all my drives on the hard disk had vanished like dust. I tried connecting and reconnecting a few times, the drives showed up once or twice like a sick man’s last few breadths.

The other similar incident was the hard disk crash at my office last month. It was also a WD 160GB hard disk (IDE). And it took with it more than 5 years of email storage, project documents, code and other official data. My friend’s warning until it happened seemed to be a rumour but is proven now. I think it is fair on my part to make polite anti-propoganda against WD.

The drive not only took with it gobs and gobs of data, it took the proof of my existence.