Sms FireWall Update !!!

I gave SMS FireWall a refresh with a couple of features requested by users:-
  • An option ‘Allow and Move’ in the settings screen, which when checked moves the messages from the quarantine vault when opted to be added to the allowed list. Although it might be clear to you, let me explain it in a few words how it works. When you long press a sender in the quarantine vault, a menu with two options appear – Allow, Delete. When ‘Allow’ is clicked, the sender is added to the allowed list. And when the ‘Allow and Move’ setting is checked, the messages from this sender are moved to the inbox.
  • A confirmation dialog prompt when attempted to empty the quarantine vault
  • A few minor (internal) improvements
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  Hope they are useful to others too. And let me know if you need any other features to be in the application.