The unconquerable

Hercules was a strong man; a tall muscular perfect masculine figure. He moved boulders with his bare hands. He stopped elephants and swung them by their tusks. No doubt, he prevented battles by his mere presence. His body drew its strength from within. He was no less than unconquerable.

Even such a mighty Hercules was brought down to his knees. He was taken over by an invisible force that turned him weak and set him on a curse, a terrible painful experience. He started worrying deeply, and wept like a scared kid. There was a time when he fought elephants head on. But this was a battle within that he was losing. He could still win this battle only if he could meet eye-to-eye with the enemy.

No, it wasn’t LOVE. It was VIRUS; an unconquerable invisible living thing that has conquered this planet, and who knows several others elsewhere.

The character Hercules portrayed in this post is not exactly the Greek mythical warrior. The character and some of his traits have been borrowed to establish the crux of the post that he was a strong figure.