where enum does not work !!!

I was writing a generic method with enum as the Constraint, and the compiler spat a few errors that did not directly convey me that enums cannot used as generic constraints.

out, ref and InvokeMember !!!

When I was working on the .NET reflection extravaganza thing that I explained in my previous column, i learnt one another interesting thing, that is about the Type.

.NET Reflection Extravanganza !!!

Over the past few weeks, I have been involved with this module that got the best of both worlds - .NET and I, 😁.

Ok, this was the problem. We have a COM server, let us name it Server. I had to write an assembly in C#, let us call it Bridge, that will listen to all of the events fired by the Server and perform an action Action. To keep that Action simple, let us assume we have to log them to the database. But the Server fires hundreds of events, and it is not wise to write up static event handlers for all of them. Also, if more events are (ever) added in the future, the Bridge should be able to support it without code changes.

The twist in the game was that this was a brown + green field development project. That demanded a wise solution - learn from the past and better the future.