Bloggi - Request for Updates

Trust me. I have experimented with or hosted almost every other blogging platform - cluttered beasts or the simple. I wish my quest for the blog platform of my dreams had ended with Ghost1 or never started in the first place 😂.

Many of the simple ones end up as bare bones lacking functionality or luster. You would start thinking of using a text file or a hand-rolled HTML page instead.

Bloggi beats them all and is by far the best2 of the simple blogging platforms.

I have heard Simple is subjective. I don’t buy it. Simple is complex and multi-faceted. You look at something and consider it simple. Or not. That decision is the weight of simplicity. The rest of it is careful control over customization.

Bloggi comes with simplicity in presentation, which is sophistication in disguise. It is undeniably content-centric for the writer and the reader.

In all fairness, there are other simple blogging platforms comparable to Bloggi. In my experimentation and opinion, they lose where it matters (at least to me). I don’t want to spin off into the details in this post. But if you sit with me, I can talk about it for hours and hours.

If I were to pick a competitor for Bloggi, I would choose WriteAs (or its OSS version, WriteFreely). While WriteAs is simple and content-centric like Bloggi, customization is tedious and rigid. You have to fight to get your CSS style accepted. With my limited knowledge of frontend/CSS, I could only guess that it is because of built-in styling applied on the HTML element ids, which I have not seen in almost any other blog platforms. It is where Bloggi shines best.

Bloggi comes with a thoughtful set of controls for customization. The spectrum ranges from:

With all its power and simplicity, there are a few things I wish are fixed in Bloggi.


Feature Requests

Do the above points matter in moving this blog to Bloggi? Well, I can’t say Yes. I can’t say No either. Remember, my quest is not to chase the blogging platform of my dreams forever. It is to put an end to it. So, I am hoping Bloggi does it.

  1. Unfortunately, Ghost went super commercial soon after their launch. The subscription price today is ridiculous. They offer a self-hosted version, which I host now, but I want to give up the hassle of maintaining a server and the updates. Also, I think they diverged from their simplicity slogan. ↩︎

  2. At least according to my requirements, expectations, and taste. ↩︎