Confluence Alternatives

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I have been using Confluence for a long time now. I should say the experience so far has been revolting. Read on to know why, and learn that there are alternatives, if you wish to look for an alternative.


Extremely unpleasant reading and writing experience

Uncompromising Downsides

Annoying Downsides

Some Nice Alternatives

… in no particular order

I spent decent amount of time and effort experimenting with each of the alternatives above - creating accounts, traiging the features, particularly the ones that Confluence falls short of. I found them definitely way better than Confluence. Each one makes its own trade off. In other words, no product is perfect but the limitations / shortcomings are beyond the problems that Confluence made me write this post.

My Conclusion

Confluence is the de facto documentation and knowledge management tool of the uninformed.

Same goes to JIRA.

P.S: StackOverflow for Teams is a good option while addressing the Q&A part of the knowledge base.

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