Rebooting on Ghost Land

The last time this blog got a facelift was about five years ago. Phew! I had moved from the infamous Blogger to the famous WordPress. It was a relief moving away from Blogger.

Despite the move to WordPress, I was also interested in Ghost. I have been in love with Ghost since its inception. One of the reasons for this affinity is its first-class support for markdown and satisfying default themes (remember the first version of Casper).

For a long time now, as a hobby, I have been experimenting with Ghost in all sorts of ways - local machine, docker, Raspberry Pi, Ghost Pro trial (when it was not exorbitant $29 and even after). As much as it was a hobby, I have also been lazy moving to Ghost. The primary reason is self-hosting because I have to sell one of my kidneys for their Pro version. I consider their $9 plan a namesake.

Why am I moving my blog to Ghost after all this time?

After long deliberation, I convinced myself that it is worthwhile to bear a little pain in self-hosting to enjoy the customizations I need.

So, here we are! In Ghostland in the Attila costume. Bye-bye WordPress.