• Have extensive experience in architecting, re-architecting, designing and implementing large-scale backend/web applications
  • Eloquent and skillful in functional and object-oriented programming, design and methodologies.
  • Dogmatic about producing highly reusable semantically meaningful space-efficient debuggable and maintainable quality code. To crash is a shame!
  • Have extensive experience in refactoring beyond-repair production code and transforming it into robust secure testable high quality code with no new defects and agreed breaking changes
  • Conceive, Propose, Document, Maintain and Adapt engineering standards and policies for efficient functioning of team and the product. The what and how matters, the why gives meaning.
  • Dutifully groom and mentor engineers to build and sustain the best-in-class team. Be the brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.
  • Language agnostic, polyglot, linguist, linguaphile - Scala, C#, Java, Rust, Go, Python, C++, TypeScript. Prudent enough to employ the power of the language/technology to solve business problems effectively.
  • Have extensive experience working in small and large teams practicing Agile software development with XP (eXtreme Programming) and TDD.


Avid Blogger

  • A Developer’s Experience

    Introduce discrete programming problems from an alternative viewpoint, not HOWTOs, and present plausible solutions, Wild analogies of scenarios identified across platforms or languages.

  • Rhetoric Musings

    Thinker, philosopher, failed writer

  • Lights Preserved

    Love photography. Capture and present the original beauty of the subject without manipulation.

Articles Published Online

  • C++/CLI Primer – An Apress Book
  • JINQ – Java **IN*tegrated Query. πŸ”—
  • Application Models πŸ”—
  • Lo and Behold πŸ”—
  • Bits, Bytes and Stones πŸ”—
  • β€œPlease Don’t Fail Me!” – Decorator Cries Out to Template Method πŸ”—
  • Type-Safe Logger For C++ πŸ”—
  • Scrollable Image Viewer πŸ”—
  • Simple Tree List View πŸ”—


  • As Staff Software Engineer with Teladoc Health Inc since Nov 2020
  • At Livongo
    • As Staff Software Engineer July 2019 - Nov 2020
    • As Senior Software Engineer July 2017 - July 2019
  • As Technology Architect with Cognizant Technology Solutions (May 2011 – May 2017)
  • As Senior Consultant with ThoughtWorks Technologies Ltd, India (May 2010 - May 2011)
  • As Technical Lead with HCL Technologies Ltd, India (Jan 2003-Apr 2010)


Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics) – 1997 - 2001